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7 Tips to Get You Ready for Boot Camp Fitness

7 Tips to Get You Ready for Boot Camp Fitness

Boot camp. Just the name itself makes some people nervous and doubtful. For some of our new guest, the night before their first boot camp class, they think to themselves, “what have I gotten myself into.” Which the next thought becomes, “am I prepared for this?” Well, we want you to leave your worries behind. Here is our list of 7 things you can do to walk into class feeling confident and prepared.

  1. Hydrate. I can’t say it enough. Your body will need water for your workout more than usual. Be sure to hydrate at least one or two hours before your boot camp class and the day before class too. You will also want to bring water or a sports drink to class, but it’s difficult to bounce around when your belly is full of liquid so do this in moderation. In other words, don’t guzzle it down all at once.
  2. Listen. Be fully present and conscious with what our trainers are telling you. If you concentrate on how much it hurts and how much you want to quit, you may forget the next set of moves. Actively focusing your attention on your instructor will also help you to distract yourself from any of the pain you be having
  3. Head of The Class. Be in the front of the boot camp. It’s likely that you will want to be in the last row or somewhere that you’re less likely to be seen by your classmates. That’s normal but it’s not the best plan. Stand in the front of the group and run towards the front of the jog line. Being last will make you feel lethargic and more prone to giving up. Look at this as something you don’t want to miss out on.
  4. Don’t Stop Moving. When you stop moving, you can set yourself up for delayed onset muscle soreness. That alone can get you feeling down. Compete with yourself each class for your personal best. Challenge yourself to move around rather than take mini breaks. You can jog in place throughout to prevent muscle soreness by sending fresh blood to the muscles.
  5. Breathe. Sound simple to remember. But, keep in mind your breathing and your abs throughout your tough boot camp exercises. Be sure to contract your abs to protect your back. It may seem awkward and uncomfortable at first, but you will eventually train your body to breathe deeper while your abs are engaged.
  6. Load up. It’s good to load up on electrolytes after class. Intense workouts and sweating cause you to lose essential electrolytes. Be sure to replenish them with electrolyte-filled snacks and drinks.
  7. Have a Positive Attitude. Another tip for boot camp that may not seem like it needs to be said. But, there’s no doubt that this workout will challenge you. It’s so important to continue to motivate yourself and keep your mind in a positive headspace. Especially when your heart is racing and your muscles are burning. Think about what the outcome will be and how great you will feel that you finished what you’ve started.  

Most of all be sure to talk with us about any concerns or questions that you have. Our trainers are here to help you in any way that we can.

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