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Read This If You’re Thinking About Enrolling in Boot Camp

Read This If You’re Thinking About Enrolling in Boot Camp

The term “boot camp” is usually associated with the military’s training style for new recruits. Participants find that these workouts are highly disciplined fitness programs. Each workout is about an hour of high-intensity interval training to lose weight and increase strength. You will find many programs are typically run by personal trainers, specialized gyms, or even military personnel. Boot camp fitness is a technique that started in the United States. Over the years, it has spread to the United Kingdom and beyond. In large part, due to its popularity and proven results. We began offering this form of training from the time we opened our doors. And, we are still doing it today.

Many have said when they finish this intense hour-long workout–covered in sweat, with your blood pumping hard through every inch of your body–the notice that they have an improved mood. Endorphins help dispel stress hormones from your body. This leaves them  energized, ready to face the day and excited for their next workout.1

But, What Exactly Happens in Boot Camp?

Each session begins with stretching. As it progresses, the boot camp workout typically includes weight lifting, interval training, pushups/sit-ups, resistance straps, and other high-intensity workouts. To cool down, our trainers usually conclude with yoga or additional stretching. The boot camp regimen is intended to promote regular workouts, nutritional awareness, mental toughness, and cardiovascular improvement through the use of team-based accountability and competition. Our trainers and groups create a social atmosphere and a “group effort”. We want you to feel that positive support while keeping your boot camp workout at your own pace, with the goal of rapid improvement and discipline.

Our instructors may not be as brutal as drill sergeants in the military, but they are also not going to let people off the hook with a half-effort in the workout. Our guests aren’t pushed beyond their physical capabilities.  The intensity of the instructor and the underlying goal of rapid improvement help guest truly believe they can change and improve, making them tougher and more self-confident as they see measurable results.

Some of the most impressive benefits that our guest have seen boot camp style workouts include burning calories, increasing strength, boosting confidence, improving aerobic endurance, aid coordination, increasing balance, changing lifestyle outlook, and motivating long-term health.

Here at Maxx Fit, our trainers are always going to be there with you to help you reach your goals and get you across the finish line. Many of the gyms in Columbia, MD, and the surrounding areas are membership-based gyms that offer classes. We pride ourself on being a specialized gym that offers customized fitness and nutrition. Best of all, we do this thru various options and levels to keep you on course to complete your goals. Contact us with your questions and be sure to check out our schedule to enroll with us today.


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