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Combat Conditioning

Combat Conditioning


Want to train like a Mixed Martial Artist or Boxer? Want to get the fitness results you want, fast and efficiently? Join Maximum Fitness for one of our Combat Condition Classes.

Combat conditioning combines an intense cardio workout with an equally intense strength and conditioning routine designed to simulate the rigorous workouts that professional fighters go through on a daily basis.

The class is taught using methods that will give your body an incredible workout and insane results without using the traditional equipment and routines you are accustomed to at the gym.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“I recently came to Maximum Fitness as a way to supplement my strength and condition program for mixed martial arts. After speaking with the owner, Chris Miller, he had me come down to the studio and work with various exercises and circuits to see what he had to offer. His workouts have aided my cardio and power output as I spar and compete. Mr. Miller has great creativity and knowledge with training programs for athletes. No two workouts are the same and he always keeps the interest high and intensity higher. With his knowledge of exercise mechanics and experience coaching and training all types of people, I would recommend him for training athletes of all ages and sizes. I give my full recommendation for anyone looking for a great motivating trainer and place to work out. Check out Maximum Fitness and start getting in the best shape of your life.”

—Dan R.

To learn more or to join our next session of classes, please contact us at 443-864-7236.