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Corporate Fitness Programs

Corporate Training

At Maximum Fitness, we understand the demand that is put on working adults in this country. Not only do you have to put in crazy hours at the office, but you also have to make sure the family is fed, the house is cleaned and the bills are paid. Oh yeah, what about keeping yourself in shape?

Unfortunately, keeping ourselves healthy is far too often the most overlooked, yet most important daily task. Maximum Fitness offers a solution to the ever-growing problem, we call it Corporate Fitness!

Our Corporate Fitness Programs are custom designed to fit the needs of your workplace. Session can be held in the early morning, during lunch hours, or even after work. The benefits of offering corporate fitness programs to your staff include: increased productivity, more motivated employees, less absences from work, and a reduction of medial insurance cost.

To get started developing a corporate fitness program for your staff, please contact us at 443-864-7236.