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Coach Chris Miller: Performance Coach

Chris has been involved in the fitness industry and helping his community achieve their fitness goals for almost 20 years. He has extensive experience in Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning Training, Combat Conditioning, Sports Specific Training and Post Rehab work.

Chris is personally involved and invested in the health and well being of each and every Maximum Fitness client. He meets with each client for an initial consult and develops a personal plan for training that is tailored to his or her particular needs, abilities and goals. Not only does Chris make training fun and rewarding, but also he makes sure to teach his clients the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle along the way.

Chris’ passion for the fitness industry stems back to when he was a teenager. He was over-weight, lazy and uninterested in exercising. He possessed zero energy and hated the way he looked and felt. That year Chris started lifting weights and was astonished at the way his body transformed. After just a few months of hard work he had gone from over-weight and unmotivated to in shape and ready to take on the world.

Through exercise and a healthy diet, Chris transformed himself into a healthier person. Today, he is full of energy, enthusiastic, positive, and optimistic about life. It was not long after getting his own life in order that Chris decided to make the commitment to help others achieve their fitness goals so that they, too, can feel as amazing as he feels.

BA: Business Management-Hofstra University 1996
MA: Organizational Management/Development-University of Phoenix 2001

AAA-ISMA – Personal Trainer Certification
AAA-ISMA – Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist
AAA-ISMA – Strength and Conditioning Specialist
AAHFRP – Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist

MMA Strength/Conditioning Specialist
Care/Prevention Certification: Howard County, MD.
CPR/First-Aid Certification